I am a web design enthusiast for almost 2 decades now. I’ve been designing websites ever since 2003. Worked as web designer, UX and UI consultant with over hundreds of brands all over the world.

While I am spending most of my time doing music nowadays, I still takes a web design jobs from time to time. I love doing that and will probably always poke around web in the future too. Bellow you can find a few selected clients

+ many more…

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My second big love is graphic design. I always loved messing around in Photoshop and Illustrator. Over the years I got better and better and was a go-to guy for designing album covers, booklets, posters, logos, merchandise and similar for lots of music festivals, corporate brands, bands and artists.

Below you can find some of my favorite works, again they may not be my best but I love em.



With over 2 decades of experience in marketing and conducting various business endeavors from time to time I offer and share my experience in consulting and executive capacity. Got tons of experience in both ATL and BTL campaigns online and offline. Fully certified by Google and well experienced with Facebook advertising. I am well versed in community and brand building too. I helped many individuals and companies to establish their brand presence and to grow and nurture their community of supporters. Of course as karma would have it I am worse at doing that for myself haha but working hard on changing that. I suck at following my own advice but I am glad to see that all people who do follow it often succeed in their intentions and make their plans and wishes come true.

For the past 5 years I’ve narrowed my aim into helping industry professionals and educators and course tutors to establish their brands, build and distribute their courses to the right audience. If you are considering to share your knowledge and expertise in any industry branch and truly want to build a community that will benefit from learning from you please reach out and schedule a consultation session so I can help you out with your new career path.

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Since I was asked about it many many times I’ve compiled a short list of software, skills and things I use at expert or near expert level. So here it is for whoever may be interested.