Marko Tica – music producer, composer, live sound engineer and multi-instrumentalist.

He was born on November 14th 1984 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. As an infant he was diagnosed with microtia which pretty much set him on the hard path when it comes to growing up and having a normal childhood. With tremendous support from his parents and his sister he fought through hardships and against all odds he discovered his passion for music and theater at early age. He had his first TV acting performance at age of 5, along with it he started playing guitar as his father had a history of guitar playing.

Civil war that took place in Bosnia and Herzegovina from 91′ to 95′ did him no favor and made already hard childhood even harder. Constantly moving, escaping the battle and imprisonment he pulled through and escaped Sarajevo. He settled in town of Trebinje, far south of the country and in late 96′ he made bunch of new friends with similar music interests. He got into his first band called Apocalypse around 98′. He joined band as a drummer at that time. Apocalypse played a sort of heavy power metal with hint of Balkan etno. Apocalypse managed to put release one album against all odds. Played like crazy throughout Serbia and BIH. Last gig for Marko took place in Belgrade 2004 – and it was a huge one! Nearly 10000 people visited 202 Radio Festival that year. This will mark his first performance on big stage and large crowd. After that bend continued on for a few more years but has never released more new music.

In late 2005 Marko revived his passion for guitar playing and song writing and started working on his first solo project called Decontrolled – which is kind of a modern nu death metal. At the same time he joined forces with several Belgrade metal bands such as: State of Grey, Nightmare, Tormentor, Moondive, etc. playing drums, guitar, bass – anything that was needed basically.

Decontrolled started as a one-man project but very soon first line up was drawn from members of State of Grey and few other friends. Band was on a fast track to success and in the late 2008 they released their debut album called Self Portrait. Album was released worldwide under Warner Music label and has had more than decent success considering that it was just a small band from Serbia. Band traveled region and throughout the Europe. Played festivals and clubs accompanying bands like: In Flames, Meshuggah, 69Eyes, Faith No More, Behemoth, Suicidal Tendencies, The Exploited and many more. In the late 2010 band has released their second album called The Circle but it was put to pause due to member disagreements not long after the release. Last Decontrolled show took place in Croatia 2012. Band was rebooted by Marko in 2018 with completely new line up and it’s working on shows and new album.

During this time (from 2006 to 2010) Marko was CEO of concert booking and event promotion agency called Terra Nostra. Worked as a booking manager and promoter for acts such as: Joe Cocker, Mark Knopfler, Tool, Muse, Madonna, Metallica, Slipknot, In Flames, Hammerfall, Kamelot, Blackmore’s Night, Cannibal Corpse, Sonata Arctica, WASP, Paradise Lost, Evergrey, Pain of Salvation, Helloween, Gamma Ray and many many more. Working in this industry opened up whole new world of possibilities but also a lot of stress and burn out.

Being in a really bad place both physically and mentally, Marko decided it’s time for change of scenery. Remembering all good times he had in small town of Banja Luka he decided to shut down the company and move there in 2011. Starting anew he picked up some of the old work but on much smaller scale. He continued working on his music and started working as a manager for much smaller bands and festivals. He also revived his passion for live sound engineering and worked as FOH engineer for many regional bands like: Ritam Nereda, Atheist Rap, Riblja Čorba, Psihomodo pop, Orthodox Celts, Rambo Amadeus, Letu Štuke, Bad Copy, Vasil Hadžimanov Bend, Rock Simfonija, Tupas Mene, and many many more. Discovering his passion for TV and Film again he started working on various instrumental cues. Never meant to release them publicly though until few friends gave him a nudge and he started pursuing career in TV, Trailer and Production music. Something that he can do without traveling too much and getting burned out on regular basis.

After a while he focused his strengths at one or two projects at the time. Kept working as a part time  FOH engineer for local rental company AAP Electronic and Rock Simfonija. He is also managing booking and production the biggest electronic music festival in the country Fresh Wave Festival.

Focusing remainder of his time on production music he managed to get more than a dozen publishing contracts and get music placements on over than 100 TV shows and programs. Including getting a debut trailer placement in 2019 in Brightburn movie trailer making him the first person from BIH ever to have their music in Hollywood campaign.
With many more placements to follow. With world being confined to their homes and production music industry stalling with releases, Marko wanted to find best use of his time during COVID so he started modeling and packaging his own sound design library into free and commercial packages thus starting a sampling company called Booraz Audio. The ultimate goal for the company is creation of rich, big and cheap sample packages to help young composers jump start their careers and not having to spend fortune on quality samples.

After being hit hard with COVID himself, escaped deathbed by pure luck, Marko finally got back on track and is working full throttle on new albums and sound design.