My name is Marko Tica

I was born in Sarajevo, BIH, 1984. I’ve been playing multiple instruments from my early childhood since my father was a musician I had access to all kinds of instruments + I was influenced by all kinds of music. Mostly classic, rock and metal. I had my first professional live performance when I was only 14 years old. Ever since than I was in music. On the stage, behind the stage, in front of stage. I have released several albums – various genres. I have been working as producer with dozens of bands. Mixed and recorded all kinds of materials both live and in a studio. For the last 6-7 years my great passion is live sound and live sound mix.
For all that time I’ve been composing all kinds of music, various genres, moods and themes. I’m also proficient with sound design and sound effects design. I own a small but fully equipped recording studio.

Currently I have several albums in production with me as a producer and mixing engineer.

On top of that I’m actively writing and publishing music for several publishers such as: Velvet Green Music, Chroma Music, Flipper Music International, Music Partner Canada, etc.

For latest music releases and links to publisher works check out SHOP page for streaming portfolio check out my SOUNDCLOUD page (bare in mind that most of my work is not published on SC, only through publisher channels. If you have any kind of question regarding licesing, mixing, production or composition don’t hesitate to WRITE to me.

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